About Us

How BCOS Its Silver!!

Its all started with 'Suryakanthi Jhumka" , seeing how it made people go mad in few facebook groups, until then we never knew that there is so beautiful silver jewelries are being used by people out there. That`s where we had fallen in love with silver jewelries.


The Journey of BCOS Its Silver!!

As like other online or home based sellers we have started BCOS Its Silver as a home based online only store, Staying in dead end of Chennai (Out of city) , initial 1 year we struggled to get a proper logistics partner, there were days we travel 20kms to post the shipments to reach the customers on time as the local logistics guys refused to take jewelries. It was a real struggle to bring things streamlined and it took more than 18 months. 

Partnering with the most talented artisans within the country is the sole reason for taking BCOS Its Silver throughout the world and yes it is the truth without any exaggeration. We handpicked every jewelry that we put up on our page / website and our customers give life to them.

Almost 3yrs old in the online jewelry sales industry, we decided to move a step ahead by opening a physical store, well, we had a plan of opening a store before end of December 2017 but with god`s will we had inaugurated our 1st store in bangalore, India on February 17th of 2017. Yes, and that is when we had relocated from Chennai to Bangalore. From one warm city to another warm :)


WHO WE ARE - BCOS Its Silver !!

B - BRASS ; CO - COPPER ; S - SILVER Initially, we had started with few of Silver, more of brass and copper based jewelries such as German Silver which created a trend not only among the public but also in the cine industry throughout India. Later on we have moved on to curate more of silver jewelries as we could't resist the beauties that are out on daily basis from talented artisans across the country. Recently we have started with our temple jewelry wing as well. We do not sell whatever comes in the market, we carefully curate knowing the pulse of our customers and add every product into our collections, our costs are based on piece rate.


What we have @ BCOS Its Silver !!

We hold products like nosepins, rings, chandbali earrings, jhumkas, earstuds, ear cuffs, pendants, broad coin necklaces, bangles, toe rings, kadas, necklace sets and much more. In South Jewelry or Temple jewelry - We hold waist belt / oddiyanam / vaddanam, Jada billa / hair aacessory, kadas, guttapusalu - tradional jewelry loaded with pearls, necklaces, jhumkas, aaram in nakshi or nagas work which is complete handcrafted.


Made to Order @ BCOS Its Silver!!

We are proud to say that BCOS Its Silver started "Made to Order" concept in the market, we saw many of our customers wanted to own the piece that is sold out, unfortunately we couldn`t serve mroe with just 1 stock piece. Hence we decided to bring in Made to order but this was not possible if our customers doesn`t want to wait for 10-25 days for a product after all waiting aint enjoyable. Again, terms and conditions applies as not all the out of stock product can be made upon order.


What we do not do @ BCOS Its Silver!!

We do not buy / sell used items. We do not exchnage old for new. We are a brand that curates best pieces and delivers to the customers across the country. We do not wish to operate like a regular pawn brokers / jewellers hence we do not exchnage used items/articles or coins or any silver prodcuts for that matter.